Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tiny skulls and Adorable family

Portrait of the artist on a grey bender.
 My grandmother is in the hospital again, after another stroke. The weather is crazy; suddenly sweater weather again instead of being all nice and warm. I have a giant zit right in between my eyes due to stress. But my niece was so cute this morning in her little combat boots, and so eager to be in my "fashion pictures". I even roped my sister in as well. I got Jen to pose with us before she put on her usual high heels, so for once I'm the taller sister! I'm a half inch taller in real life, but Jen usually wears 2-3 inch heels. I'm trying to concentrate on the good things in life, like the fact that tomorrow is Friday.

Jen, Ellie, and me.
Skirt and Shoes - Simply Be, Sweater - Avenue, Skull Pendant - Send the Trend, Bracelet - one of my Mom's.


  1. Gorgeous. All of you. But, seriously? Ellie is awesome.

  2. Here's to the good things, Erin. My mom is sick too, so let's think positively together! It's nice to see you with family. :) It's no contest between me and my brother, he's at least five inches taller than me--the jerk.

    1. Oh, I didn't realize I'd already mentioned my mom in a previous comment--sorry, not trying to repeat myself too much. But anyway, you get what I'm saying.