Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Stupid weather.

Yay. Winter made a reappearance. I dug my faux fur back out of the closet, which leads to covetous petting (you don't really get scolded for wearing "fur" in the mountains) and found my mittens. I'm just joyful because I remembered my headphones today. Has anyone heard Venus Hum? I just got introduced to them - very lovely spare electronica. I have a particular fondness for sweater tunics; Simply Be does some very nice ones, like this and this. I also really like the slim cut of the color jeans. It doesn't look like anything special at all, but it fits so smoothly down your legs and ankles without binding, even once you keep washing it (the true test!). These green jeans are brand new, only washed once to get rid of excess color, but I'm loving every color that comes just as much as the last. I've ordered 5 colors and have received three so far (the regular green and wine are back-ordered). I didn't bother with the camel color, because really? Who wants camel as a special color? It's not even a pretty camel.

Sweater and Jeans - Simply Be, Shoes - American Eagle, Necklace - pressie several years ago.
Old closeup of my shoes.


  1. Forest colors! They must go well with the faux fur.

  2. Pretty green pants! I think they will prove very versatile. :)