Thursday, April 26, 2012

Because I can

I don't know if it's impending Spring or my growing pile of colorful jeans, but I'm really into color blocking lately. AKA dressing in big chunks of color, and yes, for me, black is an important color. See, when you're super pale like me, every color but white (and cream) is bright! I've noticed that once you slip a pair of bright jeans into your wardrobe, you just can't go back to an all-black-pants diet.

My Nana had another small stroke, so I'm self-consoling here at work by listening to Holy Musical, B@tman. It just might be my favorite Starkids musical yet, even more than Starship. Superheros acting like song? Sign me up for a bunch of that. This song is NSFW, unless you're wearing headphones, and gets dark really quick. But it's utterly funny, just like the whole musical.

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