Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Shoes of delight

surprise! photo!
These shoes seem to ridiculously delight people, just because they have a bow on the toes. Do you have any piece of clothing that cause paroxysms of joy in other people? I personally have a deep love of these bright jeans. I went on and ordered several more pairs in different colors a few weeks ago, although half of them were back-ordered of course. I've never thought of myself as a bright pants person, but every time I put these on I feel happy, so I knew I had to order more, especially since they (a) fit and (b) were only $48 (although I had a clearance code that made them even cheaper). Plus, bright pants are a trend that I actually find cool! Most of the time, I look at the trends and just scrunch up my face in disgust. There is no way I'm wearing loads of orange or teal or (heaven forbid) white pants. [White pants look great, but I'm pretty sure every stain in the world would immediately jump on me if I wore them. I get nervous enough wearing a printed dress that's got a white background.]

Cardigan and Pants - Simply Be, Tank Top - thrifted, Shoes - Dexter, Necklace - JewelMint.


  1. Those pants fit you perfectly and I love the styling!

  2. More bright pants! Yay! Looking forward to seeing them. And I am suffering a serious case of cardigan envy right now -- I love the sequined? beaded? shoulder detail.

  3. This whole outfit is causing me joy! Eehee. I have a few coworkers who comment that it makes them feel cheery when I wear bright clothing, which in turn makes me want to wear yet more bright clothing to work, to be the best goofy little ray of sunshine that I can be.