Friday, September 2, 2011

FBFF - Falling for Fall

September 2 - Fall trends. Name your five favorite fall trends and how you plan to wear them this season. Sadly, this post has turned into "how Erin spent her hard earned money". So these trends better live up to their hype! Cause I'm wearing them anyway, kiddos.

  • Cardigans
Oh my lord, how DON'T I plan to wear cardigans? I am a layering fool, and cardigans are my crack. I have a black cardigan from Simply Be that I've been wearing all summer in my frigid air conditioned office, so I went on and bought a khaki one for the fall.

  • Cloaks (and other drama filled outer wear)
 I already have a few cloaks and pashminas (even a faux fur one!), but I got a full hooded black one from

  • Girly Girl
Like my girl, Jessie, I do like the occasional bow, so I'm going to wear some frou frou items this winter that will also keep me warm.

  • Androgny
BUT. I also like to be hardcore! (Stop laughing, Jen.) I've been on the lookout for a pair of oxfords that would fit and not make my wide feet look fat. And looking at the Simply Be website, I realized that what I actually wanted were brogues! These are on the way, and I will be devastated if they don't fit. For at least an hour.

  • RED! 
You know I love it. And it's totally a fall color. Even Harper's Bazaar says it's a fall "in" color. Plus, I bought this red cardigan that's totally girly. So that hits 3 trends at once!


  1. Great picks :)

    Cardigans are so one of my wardrobe staples - they work with everything!

  2. Cardigans are my crack too! I love the red one that you bought.

  3. LOL! And I thought I was the only one crazy obsessed with cardigans! Those things will NEVER go out of style! Thank goodness!

  4. Layering is necessary for fall so get yourself some cardigans :)

  5. Ooh, did you buy that black/white one with the bow? LOVE IT. And I love red, too.

    I am trying to establish a minimalist wardrobe that I will actually wear: pants, cardigans, tank tops. A few dresses. Flats. The fall trend I would like to indulge in is high brown boots with buckles. (Ones that fit my fat calves, but whatev. They make them.)

    I FINALLY bought my Joe Brown's dress. If it doesn't fit I will cry.

  6. I bet that red cardigan is going to look fantastic on you!

    I have been spending a lot of time admiring oxfords and brogues since they started popping up, but still haven't sprung for a pair. Mostly because I'm paranoid of buying shoes online. Hope yours fit and are comfy. :)

  7. hey cute blog! am a new follower :) love the stuff you picked out specially that red cardigan! love itt! :)