Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend Bonanza!

Yep. I wore this cardigan on Friday and then again on Saturday. But I got so very cold on Friday, that I decided to wear it over it a nice warm turtleneck when I went up to see my Nana. It kept me much warmer this time, happily. I'm still unhappy with all the jeans I currently own, but I haven't taken all my measurements and bitten the bullet to buy the bespoke jeans yet (lots of alliteration there).

On Sunday, I hadn't really planned well, so I tore through a few outfits before settling on this one. I wore my black faux fur wrap/shawl out of the photo, which I have never had anyone say anything bad about. As a matter of fact, I get compliments every time I wear it, and questions about whether it's real.  Looking at my shoes, I realized that I have lots of sandals now and dainty dress shoes; but not that many shoes that cover my entire feet (like these clogs). I'm going to have to get on that. Particularly shoes that I can wear socks with.

Saturday : Turtleneck - stolen from my dad a long time ago, Cardigan - Avenue, Jeans - Avenue, Shoes - Crocs, Jewelry - self-made.

Sunday : Top and Pants- Avenue, Shoes - thrifted several years ago.

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  1. These wouldn't cover your entire foot, but they look great with socks, especially on a pretty girl like you!