Friday, September 16, 2011

It got really cold

Doesn't it look like I'd be toasty warm in this? NOT IF IT GETS REALLY COLD OUTSIDE ALL OF A FREAKING SUDDEN. Tearful sob, and slight face-palm for not just keeping a jacket in the car. Seriously, it has not gotten warm at all today. Usually here in the mountains, it's a bit chilly in the morning, and then it warms up by afternoon. But not today! Ok. Let's look at my new pretty purse. BTW, I believe this is the only proper shade of brown for leather bags. It took me forever to find it in a store (TJ Maxx, of course, for $25) because apparently handbag designers prefer shades that I would categorize as "ugly" and "wrong".

My shoes are very cute little suede-like moccasins (that really need to be stretched, particularly the left foot), but I am full of joy that it hasn't rained today, allowing me to wear them. Also, I went to Books-A-Million during lunch for a sale, so that was fun, too.

Cardigan, Shirt, and Jeans - Avenue, Shoes - Payless, Purse - TJ Maxx.


  1. Books-A-Million! I have never shopped at or seen one of these, but when I was interning for a teeny tiny book distributor, one of the booksellers we distributed to was Books-A-Million. Pity that the president of our company was a skeezebag.

    Uh, anyway. That does look toasty warm, what a shame it wasn't. I quite like that color brown, although I do prefer my leather browns to be slightly chocolate-ier. Totes with you on the "ugly and wrong" thing. They don't get it! Handbag designers, get with the program!

  2. I'm so glad you bought that sweater! It looks great on you!

    I like a chocolatey brown, too, although I am OK with a lighter tan for spring/summer.