Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I'm at the beach and you're not.

(Unless you are.)  Are you an adorable, tiny, inexplicably cranky-faced munchkin who's being buried in the sand? No? Good. My blog is much too adult for my niece to be reading anyway.  I'm in Destin, Florida with my family, and it is GORGEOUS. It was rainy the first few days, but now it's perfect.

Booty shot (for Tia, whose booty is fantastic, unlike mine)

I'm even going to give you a bonus shot of my nephew, who has decided that he's going to grow his hair out. This means that his hair has hit Beatles levels and will soon take over the entire house. (Seriously, look how big this kid's head is. He's 7! He got stuck though, both my sister and my brother-in-law have big heads.)

You can see the surf behind him. They have this complex system of colored flags for when you can go in the water (red = NO, and then there's purple and blue and yellow and green). Today was a "moderate" surf day, with warnings of marine life. In the ocean! But comparatively, the surf was like a super mild day out on the Outer Banks, which is where we've spent a lot of summers.


  1. ooooh I want to be there tooooooo! love the swimdress lady.

  2. You look like you're rocking your booty pretty well there, in my opinion. :)

    Looks like a grand old time! I'd rather be at the beach, but I'll have to settle for going to the library after work. (Your blog name reminded me! Thanks, Library Girl!)