Monday, March 4, 2013

Gurneys are the work of the devil (also, I cut my hair)

Sweater and boots - Simply Be, Shirt - thrift store, Pants - Denim 24/7,.
So, it turns out that hospital gurneys are the hardest, most evil beds known to man. I had my surgery* (they found some polyps, but everything went fine), but it was delayed because the surgeries before mine took more time than they planned. So I spent approximately 1,400 hours on a gurney. Give or take a few hours. My lady-parts** felt fine, but my back still hurts from the gurney and the surgery was on Thursday. Also, in a wonderful turn of events, anesthesia makes me weepy. So I came to after surgery with an already sore back, and then started crying. Yay.

Also, I finally got Jen to cut my hair! As is so very obvious. Really, I just got her to give me a blunt cut, evening up the ends, because the back was longer than the front, because of horrible layers that I had. So the front is still the same length, the back just got trimmed up 2 inches to meet it. I'm so much happier with it like this. Layers in my hair make me stabby.

*My surgery was a D&C for excessive bleeding.

**When my sister, who has been vehement about calling body parts by their right names for her kids, was asked by the munchkins why I was having surgery, she randomly lost all control. She told them I was having surgery on my girl-parts. I later informed my sister that I have lady-parts.


  1. I'm glad your surgery went well and that your lady-parts are doing okay. Sorry about your back though; I can't believe they left you on a gurney that damned long. You should sue; I'm pretty sure it's your God-given right as an American to be litigious.

  2. Yay for a successful surgery! Boo for spending torturous hours on an uncomfortable gurney. Why didn't they have the common sense to put you in a real bed so you could comfortably wait out the delay?!?

  3. Aw man, dude. I'm glad everything went okay aside from the bumps. Also your hair is suuuuuper shiny and pretty in that picture, and the length looks great!