Thursday, March 14, 2013

1st Gwynnie Bee!

I got home and my first Gwynnie Bee package was waiting! I talked about Gwynnie Bee in my last post, but for all the info, here's their FAQ page. And here's a picture of me in my first top! (I forgot my camera at work, so you get a cell phone pic with crazy eyes.)

Top - Kiyonna from Gwynnie Be, Cami and Boots- Simply Be, Pants - Denim 24/7.

I'm sending the Fluid Wrap Dress straight back  for a lot of reasons. I got it just to try it on, since I'd never tried anything from Coldwater Creek before. But; I'm not really a fan of the color (too teal), it's too big on me, and the sleeves are too long anyway. (Curse  you, short arms!)

I got one shirt from Evans, a black and white peplum top. Now, I've been personally unsure about peplum tops since they became such a huge thing. I was just sure that somehow they would look strange on me. And this was the best way to try one. But it looks cute! It doesn't look ravishing enough for me to go out and buy one, but I think I'll enjoy styling it. It's made out of a soft t-shirt fabric so it isn't a stiff peplum like you see in some magazines, and I think that helped me like it.

I got two tops from Kiyonna. See, if I had lots of money, I would buy TONS of stuff from Kiyonna. Just bags and bags of stuff. This purple striped shirt is one that I just looked at on their site. It's on sale for $58, and I really liked the look of it. But I just didn't know about the fit. So, once again, a great way to try it. It has a really low plunge to it, but it's loose enough to easily wear a camisole underneath. And yes, it's ADORABLE. Look at how cute the sleeves are!

The last item I got in this package was a gorgeous bright red Kiyonna top. It looks like a low plunge and a tight belly, but after you put it on, you just have to adjust it. Like a bra! The top of it sort of cuddles your cleavage, so it doesn't expose you, and once you stop pulling down on the bottom and let it the ruching go up properly, it provides a hourglassy effect.

Now, as far as cost, you can do:
       1 item at a time for $35 a month
       2 for $59 a month ($29.50 each)
       3 for $79 a month ($26.33 each)
       5 for $99 a month ($19.80 each)
       7 for $129 a month ($18.42 each)
       10 for $159 a month ($15.90 each)
And yes, you really can keep stuff for as long as you want. Unless you quit, obviously. Just going by this first package, I'm sold. If you did the top tier, you could conceivably do a capsule wardrobe with their stuff, pajamas, and a couple of pairs of dress pants only. Not that I could ever purge my closet to that level.


  1. Cleavage cuddling makes me snicker. Because I'm juvenile like that. Also, I really like the top you're wearing, even with the crazy eyes. And I, personally, don't think wrap dresses are all that; they don't work well for me either.

  2. That striped top is all kinds of gorgeous on you - I wish it came in my size, it's so darn cute with the ruched sleeves and stripes running in different directions!
    Looking forward to seeing you rock the peplum - I have yet to meet one that looks right on me. :)