Tuesday, March 19, 2013

This is post 666. Cross yourself.

Evans peplum top through Gwynnie Bee
So I've had peplum issues*. As in, they look so cute on everyone else, but I was sure they would look odd on me. Because my hips are larger than my bust (which is large on it's own), so let's put a freaking ruffle right there to DRAW ATTENTION TO MY HIPS. Plus, most peplums are made out of...not stiff material, but not super-soft, either. More material that keeps it's shape, you know? However, this Evans top is made out of nice tee-shirt material, so it drapes well. It's really comfy, so now I want to try more Evans stuff. This top is a size too big, though, so I need to go down on my Evans sizing. Really, I need to take a tape measure and redo all my measurements so I'm certain of them.

Jeans and Boots - Simply Be.
What's the latest trend (yes, I know that I'm a little behind on the peplum bandwagon) you've tried? Either joyfully or with gritted teeth? Personally, I'm super-glad about some of the retro 90's stuff that's filtering back and flats being cool.

*Also, every time I try to type peplum, I type people.


  1. You look so cute in a peplum - I love the black and white print paired with the green jeans. :)
    I like the look of a denim jacket on others, so I tried one on at Old Navy this weekend. But I keep having flashbacks to intermediate school, when my sis owned a Levi's denim jacket with a khaki collar.

  2. You look great. I haven't been able to do peplums either. I like to blame my height, but really I just have issues. It's fine. I admit it.