Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Gently Cupped by the Best Shirt

Kiyonna top from Gwynnie Bee, Simply Be Cords and Boots and Cami.
Sometimes (bad) empire waist tops will make you look oddly hausfrau. Big breasts, just sort of drooping there over the top of the empire waist in an old peasant woman way. And of course you realize this only when you see a photo. This shirt, the Sandy Striped Top from Kiyonna, does just the opposite. I look pert! It shows off how smaller my rib cage is, glides comfortably over my hips, and it's actually long enough. You know when you bend over and all of a sudden, the shirt you thought was long enough is suddenly half-way up your back? Not this one. Yes, you need a camisole. Or not, depending on your comfort level/personal cleavage. Man, I really did not want to find out how great a $58 shirt was. And I just got the Riley Ruched Skirt in my last Gwynnie Bee shipment and it is utterly smokin' hot! Kiyonna, you're killing me here!

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  1. Hausfrau! Erin, you crack me up. That shirt looks great on you and also looks super comfy--I 100% have that mid-back shirt thing because of my long torso, so longer tops are always a relief.