Monday, March 18, 2013

Work shirt problems for bustiness

Keira top - Kiyonna from Gwynnie Bee
This shirt is gorgeous...but it is very low cut. I tried it on when it came and what I took away at that point was that I needed to wear a different bra. (My usual bra is a lacy one that the lace pattern showed through. I have about 6 of the same style in varying colors - this one from Cacique) But then I put it on this morning. And it looks fantastic, don't get me wrong. BUT. How low a plunge is too low for work? Or (reversed) how high should your work shirts be? This is a question that is really a problem for busty women, plus size or not. And I would say especially for petite women like me. Because anyone over 5'5" can look right down into the cleavage of this shirt. And while that might be sexy for a date, it could make some people really uncomfortable in the workplace.

Pants - Avenue, Boots - Simply Be, Scarf - Send the Trend.
So, instead of a necklace, I used a handy-dandy scarf! It drapes nicely right in the cleav area. Unlike the other shirt from Kiyonna, this one is not really camisole friendly. So I think I'll send it back. I don't have any hot dates coming up, and I know now that I feel a little uncomfy wearing it to work. And Lord knows, if I think it's too low cut, it really is, since I'm the Cleavage Queen!

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  1. I don't have too many cleavage issues, as I'm sure I've said over and over, but my bra does get decent airtime due to shirts that otherwise fit but have extra room for boobage that just isn't there. Saggy necklines, woohoo! I like your scarf solution, though, keeping that one in mind.