Monday, March 11, 2013


Lovely Haitian beads bracelet won in a giveaway from Carrie!
So, I realized one of the reasons that I dislike the color orange. The short story "1408" by Stephen King features a heavy use of the color orange as a grotesqueness. If you haven't read the story, do yourself a favor, it's one of King's best (you can find it in Everything's Eventual or online here). Also, I had a bit of a John Cusack weekend, watching 1408 and Identity.

Dress, cardi, and boots - Simply Be, fleece lined tights - Wal-mart.
Fleece-lined tights rock, and these George tights from Wal-mart are just large enough for me. They're like fancy leggings. This ponte dress is long, coming way below my knees, and it comes in several colors. The cardigan is still available in a few larger sizes, too.

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  1. You may dislike orange, but I think it looks pretty good on you! I've never actually read any Stephen King; I have a weird fascination with horror but am also a chicken so I don't dip my toe in that water too often lest I get nightmares.