Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Surprisingly Filling!

Sweater and Boots- Simply Be, Pants - Lands End.
I'm very...uninterested in food when I wake up in the mornings. I really dislike eating cereal in the morning. It's just too crunchy for me that early. I need something calmer in my mouth. But apparently, it's not a good thing to eat cake for breakfast. I know I have to eat something filling though, otherwise I get really cranky around 9 o'clock. So I hit upon the idea of making smoothies (without bananas because they are disgusting, I don't care what you say). My sister looooves smoothies, and I really like Panera's Wild Berry Smoothie. I just needed to figure out what to put in them.

So I fiddled around with some recipes from a book I bought on my Kindle, found some decent ones, and made one this morning. I cut out about half the ingredients (like the banana, and some others) and made a berry smoothie. And it was delicious! The serving size was 1-2, but apparently that was either 1 giant or 2 body builders. I was sure that I wouldn't be full after just drinking my breakfast, so I drank the whole thing (plus, you know, I cut out half the stuff). I am so remarkably full right now (10:32 AM). It's a freaking miracle. For anyone who wants to know the recipe:

1 1/2 cups milk (they say fat free, but I used 2%)
1 cup frozen berries
1 cup yogurt (the book says frozen, but I just used refrigerated)
1 scoop vanilla protein powder*

This makes a ton. As in around a whole blender full. So be prepared!

*the stuff I left out was 1 frozen banana, 1 tbsp instant coffee, and 1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder.


  1. I'm the opposite of you - I love breakfast! :) I try to stick to nutritious things like oatmeal but have to agree that cake is divine.
    Good to hear you found something healthy and filling for breakfast. I've seen tons of pins and Instagrams featuring green smoothies, but I just don''t think I could start the day with a glass of green stuff ....

  2. Oh yeahhhh, smoothies are the bomb. They're one of the few foodstuffs that I can make without a recipe or measuring anything because we made them all the time during the summer when I was growing up, so I just throw them together and they're always good! I only recently started making them for breakfast, though, since most of the time I don't wake up early enough, haha. Alton Brown had a great tip of prepping everything the night before and storing it in the fridge, though, which blew my mind, so now it's breakfast smoothies galore at my house. I like 'em with pomegranate juice and frozen peaches, although summer's really where it's at since you can get fresh, amazing stone fruit to throw in there.