Thursday, January 3, 2013

I'm not dead!

Tunic and Boots - Simply Be, Leggings - Walmart.

I took a long break for Christmas and didn't wear clothes. Or maybe I just didn't post them. It was one of the two. I did write a long post the other day, but I accidentally deleted it, so you've been deprived of my brilliance there. With my health issues lately, the only thing that's been making me feel better is buying purses. I know, you thought I was going to say exercising. Pssshhh. Have you even been reading this blog? So I somehow got onto this website (JustFab) that's mostly about shoes, but also has other stuff like purses. And I always have bad luck buying shoes online, so forget that (plus they were 9/10 high heels and I don't like falling down). But the purses....I have no need for extra purses. But they're cheap - $40 each, and they run tons of sales. My first time I got three for $60. And I got them in super-bright candy colors because winter is blah and I need some cheerfulness.

Boston Common

High Society

Top Notch
 Yes, I know the pink one is silly. I like the silliness of having a Barbie purse, even if the strap is shorter than I would prefer. Life is too short not to enjoy silliness.


  1. So glad you're not dead! I love the green bag; I just might have to pull my green bag out of retirement for this spring. Then we can be twinsies. It'll be great!

  2. Love 'em all - sometimes retail therapy is what you really need.
    And the pink one is sublimely silly. :)

  3. I've bought a couple pair of leggings at Kohls and they are expensive. Do you like the leggings from Walmart. I usually refuse to shop there, but I don't like paying so much.

  4. Walmart and Target both have excellent cheap leggings - of course, I'm short and they fit me perfectly, so take that as you will.