Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Pants - Simply Be (here), Cardi - Simply Be (here)
My hair seems to be getting bigger and BIGGER.  Thick hair is not always everything it's made out to be in the commercials, you know. Of course, if I took more than 5 minutes to style my hair, it might be a different matter. But I'm lazy and not really possessed of any hair styling skills. Which is why I like it better long, so I can just twist it up out of the way when it reaches ultimate poofiness during the day. 

Shirt - Avenue, Shoes - Simply Be, Necklace - me.
I'm really happy with these new pants (Moleskin Cargo pants from Simply Be). They look like black dress pants, but fit like non-denim jeans. For some reason that I can't really articulate, I hate the way conventional dress pants fit. I find them supremely uncomfy, but these pants/faux jeans are nice. A little long on me, but I just need to get them slightly hemmed. The Death Cold is still hanging on, but I'm trying to power through it with the help of lots of sleep.

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