Monday, January 14, 2013


Jacket, shoes, and pants - Simply Be, shirt - in my drawer.
I had an interview today. Apparently, some people are able to tell after an interview how they did. Not me! I come out of them like I've been beaten with a bat in the head. This doesn't help when my family wants to be supportive and see how it went. "Um, there were people there...they asked me questions and I answered them? Is it chocolate time now?" It's like a blackout, without any of the drinking. Just vague memories of people firing questions at me.

These shoes make my feet look so incredibly teeny and cute. And they are completely painful after 10 minutes. But I didn't have time to hem these pants, and I wanted to wear them. So I wore the shoes to work and to the interview. The rest of the day I've been wearing little house slipper type shoes under my desk. These pants are getting hemmed, and these shoes are going straight to Goodwill. Right after I get some chocolate.


  1. I've decided to crack down really hard on uncomfortable shoes this year--sure, they may be cute, but comfort is more important! So good for you.

    I hope the interview went well for you! I'm the same way, I just kind of word-vomit and then stagger out of there. My current team lead still chuckles about how nervous I was during my interview. That jacket is super dapper.

  2. "Is it chocolate time yet?" LOL. I hope you got your chocolate fix already - you deserve it! Interviews are always harrowing.
    Give those uncomfortable shoes the boot! I like the looks of heels and other cute shoes ... on others. My feet really can't tolerate any kind of discomfort.
    I love everything about that jacket - the rounded hem, the alternating buttons, the rounded collar and very slight puff to the sleeve - beautiful! :)