Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I didn't feel like dressing up in costume for Halloween, so I dressed up my twin french braids instead, with orange elastics (the easy DIY version here). It's festive, but I don't have to see the orange! (Tip o' the braid to Gracey, Mia, and Tia! I know you three will enjoy this color.) And now for my worst Halloween costume story: When I was a little bitty girl, my mama made me an excellent Native American costume. She made it cheaply, out of paper bags and markers, but it was fantastic and I was having a fine time trick or treating in it. rained and I got soaked. I still remember stomping wetly back into our kitchen and tearing off the wet bags with a soggy rip. In tears, I declared that I was "never going to be a paper-bag Indian again!" And I never was.

Sweater - Simply Be, Leggings - Walmart, Tank - thrifted.
The real highlight is my cool skull necklace. It's from Send the Trend, several months ago, and I restrung it (and probably should again. It's just between creepy and cute. It's so tiny that not many people notice it unless I point it out, which makes me feel like I have an awesome secret. And sometimes I make him talk to freak my sister out. Because that's always fun!

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