Friday, October 26, 2012

Excited yet terrified

Cardigan and Tank from Simply Be, Pants from Lands End, Necklace from a street fair.
So. Big news! My sister and I have decided that we will start to look for property together! The idea is that we want either two built houses, or one house with room to build a little cottage for me. (Which should be easy enough, since we're looking for several acres of land as well.) Our own little commune! This is just a plan/looking around at the moment, but it's still enough to get me all excited and nervous. I really could end up living in my very own tiny house! If you follow me on Pinterest, you know that I have a whole board devoted to tiny little houses. I'm obsessed with the idea of living in my very own little space that I've filled with books and it not being an apartment. Not to trash people who like apartments, but I don't like being surrounded by people. At all. I make an exception for my family, but that's it.

I've taken several home decor quizzes since Jen and I talked about this idea yesterday evening, and I keep getting odd results. I've decided that my preferred aesthetic is Pretty Stuff That is Not Overly Precocious or Sweet. (I made that up myself, you know.) Just...comfy stuff that's nice and not overly "done". Also, I want built-ins out the wazoo. Bookshelves up to the ceiling and a little bitty book ladder to get up there, so I can pretend I'm Belle. A little kitchen with open (door-less) cabinets.

The idea of me living on my own is thrilling. I'm 31 and I've never actually lived alone. Part of it is being close to my family, part is not having much money while doing things like getting my MLS and working part-time, and the rest of it is my epilepsy, of course. I don't take baths unless someone is in the house, because I could seize and drown. I'm looking at non-loft tiny houses (even though lofts are beautiful), because I would break several bones if I seized and fell out of a loft. Ditto the fact that I'm thinking about 1-story houses to avoid any stair related injuries. Even after living with it for 12 years, it's weird to have my illness affect such a basic part of my life as what type of house I can live in. Luckily, I love one-story shotgun style houses. But I'm ready to finish what I think of as growing up and building a house really appeals to me.


  1. I'm so excited for you and your sister. I can't wait to see your tiny house!

  2. Finally catching up; how exciting! Hoping for an easy and fun adventure in the house-hunting game.