Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Sweater - JMS, Jeans - Simply Be, Shoes - Earth Spirit (thrifted).
What part(s) of your body cause(s) people to make assumptions about you? For me, it's my hair most often.* When I wear it down, it's "sexy hair", according to most women (I've never had a man tell me that at work). I'm lazy with my hair. I wash/condition it, then pop some hair oil in it. I don't blow dry it or straighten it, not specifically because it damages your hair, but really just because I'm too lazy and uncoordinated to bother. I was blessed with wavy hair, and if I run some hair oil through it and let it dry, it looks like this for several hours (and then it gets really big). But people think I make an effort on my hair, even after I assure them that I don't.

I find it helps me to realize that everyone has at least one part of their body that I'll love. They might not think it's totally awesome, or work on it, or even really notice it. But it could be the first thing I notice about someone. People notice what I do with my hair, which always seems vaguely crazy to me, since I'm so bad at doing anything with it, but I do acknowledge that genetics blessed me with some fantastic natural hair. But when I look at pictures of Gracey and her amazing smile, Tia and her great butt, and Mia and her fantastic torso (seriously, something about your elegant little curves just kills me!), I know that everyone has that THING that strikes people in a first meeting and gives them an instant impression of what that person is like.

These shoes make me feel like Heidi!

*And like most busty girls, in high school, my large chest convinced people that I was slutty.

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  1. I loved this post, and not just because I was mentioned. I actually talk about loving my smile in my post today. I like that we all have those things that are so us.

    Also, I nominated you for a blog award today. The post should be up momentarily.