Thursday, October 18, 2012

Why do we wear makeup?

Barefaced, wearing lip gloss.
I know lots of women who wear makeup; more than I know who don't wear makeup. They wear it everyday, no matter where they're going or what the temperature will be. Some of them wear a "full face" of makeup, some wear "no makeup" makeup. Even though I would count myself as a woman who doesn't wear makeup, do I really fit into the makeup category since I wear lip gloss every day? This isn't really going to be an anti-makeup diatribe; I like makeup, I'm just not invested enough in it to wear it. I'm lazy on the subject on fixing my hair and makeup, so I will only wear makeup if there's a good reason for me to (a job interview, date, or acting on stage are all some good reasons). This is about self-esteem, and how makeup is often used to spackle over the holes we have in our self-esteem.

Are you a woman who wears makeup everyday? Do you just want to look fancy? Or do you have a skin issue that you want to cover? Any reason you want to wear makeup is a good one, I think. If wearing makeup makes you feel pretty, then I think you should. But the important corollary that goes along with makeup is that you need to realize that you're just as pretty without it. The problem arises when women feel that their faces are lacking, aren't pretty, without makeup. Magazines have taught us for years that unless we put on X, Y, and Z every day, we'll look like horrible sweaty beasts. But you'll just look like someone with no makeup on. 

All you have to do is pick which way you want to look. Either way is fine, the way to pick is the way that makes you feel good about yourself. And if you feel better with some foundation and eye shadow on, then slap it on! But if putting it on messes with your head and tears up your self esteem, leading you to believe that you can't be seen in public without any makeup...maybe you need to think about what you're trying to hide behind all of it. Figure out why you're uncomfortable with yourself, and if you do and are ready to pop on some eye shadow after your self esteem is back to normal, then by all means do it!

Feel free to discuss this in the comments, but any mean or hateful comments will be deleted.


  1. Every now and then, when I feel aware of how young I look, I'll wear make up to age myself beyond "ambiguous college student" to "probably an adult", but most of the time, I have a bare face. Although I like the notion of make up for color and fun, I have a hard time getting out of bed to be on time in the morning without the extra 20 minutes that would take.

  2. Great post! I am usually bare-faced - don't think I've ever worn makeup to work. I do wear some foundation and eyeshadow and mascara on the weekends or when I'm going out to meet people and want to feel a little more polished. I'd like to start wearing lipgloss/lipstick daily, but I haven't quite gotten there yet ...

  3. I used to "have" to wear makeup - but when I was pregnant and hot and tired, I kind of got over it. I do like to at least put on mascara and some eyeshadow in the morning when I'm doing my hair and getting dressed because it helps me feel awake and ready for the day - but if it's too hot or I look in the mirror and don't need it, I don't put any on. :)