Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Stressed spelled backwards is a horrible week

Sweater - Simply Be, Leggings - Walmart, Shoes - Dexter.
Last week was just a titch over my ultimate stress level. There was a work day that I actually felt like vomiting from stress for...oh, about six hours. And my period is a week late. Usually, when something stressful happens, my period comes early. But apparently, when I'm completely stressed, I just don't have it. Which would be great if I didn't want to vomit and/or have massive headaches. The work issues that caused all the stress are slowing down, so hopefully one day in the future I'll come home and feel like doing something other than hibernating. PRO TIP: Win the lottery so you don't have to work. (If any of you have won the lottery and would like to donate some of your winnings to me so I don't have to work, I'm also up for that idea.) However, I made it through all of this without a seizure or an panic attack (I have an anxiety disorder that is exacerbated by the medications I take for my epilepsy), so I'm counting last week as a horrible win. Plus, I never did actually vomit. But, I did discover a new (to me) singer. Ellie Goulding, another Brit like Adele, but more pop-ish. This is a cover of the Elton John song, and a little different than the majority of her stuff, but I like this home-made lyric You-tube vid.

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