Thursday, October 14, 2010

You startled me!

Oh!  Hello there, darlings!  I was just cuddling up in my lovely cowl neck sweater.  Amazingly, it is NOT from Avenue.  (But I bought it from the same site.)  The sweater is from Roaman's, the jeans are of course from Avenue, and I wore my Crocs since it's rainy.
I absolutely love those two huge pockets on the front of the sweater!  So very handy.  For some reason, until I pulled this sweater out, I thought the sleeves were 3/4 length.  I must have gotten it confused.  Instead my short little arms stayed warm all day.  You can just see the tips of my fingers poking out!  I also got a lovely compliment from a patron, who told me I had beautiful hair.  And it was just when I was feeling all sweaty and frazzled after rushing around.  I'm such a dork I actually blushed when the lady said it to me!
"Um, thank you."  BLUSH


  1. I always blush when I get a compliment, even from my husband who compliments me daily and has for the past 2+ years since we started dating. And before that.
    I think some girls are just auto-blushers :) It comes with the pale skin, perhaps!

  2. that sweater looks super comfy! dont you love this time of year? you can pull out all the cozy clothes and read a good book with a cup of tea. <3
    also -i do the same thing whenever someone compliments me. :)