Monday, December 19, 2011

almost Christmas!

 Last day of work before Christmas break! Yay [Kermit flail]! I went for comfort rather than style today - as if I'm normally a Cosmo fashionista...but still, jeans instead of more dressy pants and a drover style shirt rather than something more worky. The little necklace you can't really see is my skull (a personal non-favorite of my little mama). At the moment it's on a black silk strand, instead of the red braid below. Also, over the months, the gold has aged a bit, so it's now acquiring a rosy-gold/copper patina in places. I personally like this even more than the plain gold! Also unseen: I have my hair up in two mini-buns, aka what my office calls my Princess Leia look (even though hers were over her ears BUT ANYWAY). It's mega cute and pretty non-professional. My niece has a similar hairstyle that she likes and we just call it her kawaii hair.

Top - Simply Be, Under-tank - Hanes (dyed purple), Jeans - Avenue, Shoes - Earth Spirit, Jewelry - JewelMint, Send the Trend, and sister.


  1. I still have to work tomorrow, but I'm struggling with professional wear all this week. I want very badly to be in jeans. Or leggings.

    And I love that the skull necklace is aging well.

    Merry Christmas, Erin!

  2. Haha, basically the only reason I would ever want long hair is the chance to wear it in odango.

    I wish our office were allowed to wear jeans sometimes--campus is a ghost town with all the students and faculty and half the staff gone already. Instead, I forge ahead with inappropriately bright colors and weird layering techniques.