Thursday, October 27, 2011

Product Review: DivaCup! [Gory period discussion]

So, you may ask, what is a DivaCup?'s a silicone cup that you can use during your period instead of tampons. Basically, you put it up in your vagina and it holds the blood from your period until you empty it. How often you need to empty it depends on your flow. Think of it like a tampon. If you have a really heavy flow, and you need to change a super plus every 3 hours - empty the DivaCup that often. You can wear it for up to 12 hours without emptying it if that works, too. You need to replace it around every year or so, depending on use/wear.

There are two sizes: Size 1 - for women under 30/who haven't had a vaginal/caesarean birth and
Size 2 - for women over 30 and/or women who have had a vaginal/caesarean birth. (This one is slightly bigger.)

I turned 30 this year, but I decided to err on the side of a Size 1. Definitely the right choice. I haven't had any problem getting it in, but I don't know if I would be as comfy with a bigger one. I've heard online, and from my sister (who uses a DivaCup as well), that it takes a period or two to get used to it. I'm not even done with my first period using it, and I'm a total convert. I wore back-up light pads the first few days, but the only leakage I've had was very slight, during the heaviest part of my period, and equal/less than using a tampon. Basically, if you're cool with your body, and you want to be green - buy it. It's super easy to use.

Pros of a DivaCup
  • You use less trash. Seriously, do you realize how much trash you accumulate during your period? Between the pads, pantyliners, and tampons, my trashcan is always full after my period. Not this time. And I feel sort of guilty about all the other times in retrospect.
  • It's cheaper. WAY cheaper, even though it seems expensive at first. You can buy it on Amazon for around $26. If you get a $6 box of tampons every month (we won't even discuss pads/pantyliners at the moment), that makes $72 a year. $72 minus $26 is $46 and that could stay in your pocket.
  • No icky dry tampon feeling. You know how a tampon will suck the moisture right out of your entire vagina? Yeah, the DivaCup doesn't do that. At all.
Cons of a DivaCup
  •   You have to be comfortable with your body. This isn't like a tampon. You are putting this up in there with your hand, and then giving it a little twist to make sure it's fully open. You will have blood on your hands.
  • If you're at home and you take it out, you rinse it out. If you're in a public restroom, you wipe it out with toilet paper. Again, bloody hands.
  • Taking it out in the morning is weird. And a little cool if you're odd. It is full. FULL. You have to be a little delicate easing that sucker out, cause your toilet is about to be full of blood.
What you REALLY need to know
  • Yeah, the stem? Cut it all off. It will poke out of your vagina otherwise, and you will think "WTF, this isn't comfortable at all!". Cut the stem off as close as you can to the cup (without cutting the cup, obviously) and it will fit so much better.
  • Occasionally, when you are putting it in, and you are twisting it to make sure it's all nice and open to catch all the blood, it will make a sound like Tupperware. It will mostly do this when you are in a public restroom and other ladies are in there too, but really...that noise is much louder in your head. They can not hear your vagina suck in your DivaCup. They will hear you if you laugh about it, though. FYI.


  1. Woohoo! I have been a convert for 4 years now. I clean it with OxyClean or hydrogen peroxide (10 minute to 1 hour soak). Actually, when I got mine it was recommended to replace every 5-10 years... so I should probably think about replacing it.

  2. I would totally be using this if I wasn't already in menopause. Now I feel guilty for all the trash I'm sure I accumulated over my 37 years of fertility.

  3. Oh, thank you for this review! I've been looking around at different menstrual cups and had pretty much settled on a Diva, but extra opinions are never a bad thing.

  4. Mia, it was you! I KNEW someone whose blog I read was thinking about the DivaCup. Seriously - so worth it. I am totally not a one-with-my-body-measuring-my-cervical-mucus-hippie*, but it's super easy.

    *that would be my sister, and several other women in the small town I live in.