Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween (aka Black/Red)

I like dressing up for Halloween...but not excessively. I also like Tim Burton, and his copious use of stripes and red/black (also black/white, but I was working with the tights I had).  Twin buns are a hair-do I love (while not being professional enough for regular work).  I even have on my little gold skull necklace. I am totally outclassed, though. Two of the girls I work with came dressed as the two men in our office -- spot-on!

I celebrated Halloween last night by reading my favorite horror story, "1408" by Stephen King, which is in Everything's Eventual. It's just...twisted and odd, without King's usual goriness. It's reminiscent of those creepy dreams you have where everything is off. I love the movie as well (not just because of John Cusack), but it is different.


  1. Festive! Those little buns are cute as heck, and the tights and all look great. I was kind of disappointed at how many people didn't get into the spirit in my office this year.

  2. I love this. It's perfect for Halloween. It's not excessive, but you're still in the spirit.

    And I love the double-buns! I can't believe how much your hair has grown!

  3. Gracey, I know! It makes me so happy that my hair is getting longer. It takes a lot of work when it's short versus when it's long (and I can just tuck it up in little buns).