Wednesday, October 5, 2011

tonal differences


I like this photo, and I like it in both tones...although the more I look at it, the more my face turns into random disparate features. It's like when you repeat a word too many times and it becomes meaningless. Something meaningful is Sal's post today about diversity in the clothing industry, or the lack therof.  As a short little plus size supah-white (sounds better than cracker or albino!), I think it would be awesome to see people like me in everyday ads, not "special" inclusive ads. WTF, ad-men! Take a look around, and see the pudge! I love my curves, I'm not dieting them away.



  1. I like the bright a bit better - the color of that cardigan is stunning on you.

  2. i agree...why do they have to be "special" ads that companies get so much credit for posting? why can't they be everyday??? i love the bright picture...that cardigan matches your blushing cheeks!