Friday, October 14, 2011


I love this sweater tunic to pieces and this is only the second time I've worn it. It's the ultimate in warmth, and it comes with pockets! And it is finally the weekend, and I'm really hoping no one in my church will die this week (3 deaths in 3 weeks), and all I want to do is sleep and watch tv.

My life is pretty simple, but if would be nice if it were even simpler. Or if I could just crawl inside a college dorm room without having to go back to college or see people in real life. That's the misanthropic introvert talking. Is this a part of "our generation", the desire to live our lives alone in small warm womb-like bedrooms with all the latest gadgets? Or is it simple laziness? Or is this just a result of it being Friday?

Top - Mossimo, Sweater - Simply Be, Pants - Denim 24/7, Necklace - Avenue, Shoes - Dexter.

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