Friday, July 23, 2010

tired and sweaty

I went shopping yesterday after work.  At work, there is nice AC.  In the world outside, it's roughly 97ish.  Hence the post title.

I wore some new earrings I made yesterday; quick and simple ones, just pendants on french ear wires:

Yes, I know my blog is becoming a what jewelry I wore blog.  Get used to it.  I usually find my jewelry to be much more interesting than my clothes!

Here's a shot of the necklace I wore (very time consuming to make, but very pretty with the right neckline!):
Is there an accessory you wear all the time that you pay MORE attention to than your actual clothes?  Jewelry, scarves, pretty shoes?

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  1. I love necklaces. I have a necklace from the Vintage Pearl that I lusted after forever before I WON it on a website! It has Libbie's name engraved in it and is just gorgeous. I'm not much of a clothes person but I love my necklaces!