Friday, July 9, 2010

This is proof that my crocs (these are even knock-offs that I got from a thrift store) can be cute!)

My mom (aka Tiny Mama) took my full length pictures tonight.  We went outside, and for some reason, she believes that she can't use the zoom buttons, so she'll just back really far away from me!  So tonight, she ended up underneath a huge bush against the wall.
Isn't she cute? And sort of grumpy? See where I get it...
Anyhow, onto the pictures she took of me!  (It's not like she reads my blog anyway.  No, she reads my sister's family blog, but not mine.)
Easily distracted...
I had awesome jewelry again today, of course, and I made it myself, of course.
And earrings shaped like spoon handles.
See how happy they make me, and how you can't see anything up my nose! (I checked long and hard before posting this pic.)

Dress - Starina
Leggings - Faded Glory

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