Friday, July 16, 2010

Nature Girl

Just to let you know, this idyllic looking wonderland is actually right outside my front door.  See, if you let your garden grow wild (and let kudzu attack the yard), you too can end up with a gorgeous jungle without any work!
This little necklace draws more positive comments than any other.  It was incredibly easy to make and the bird (I think it looks like a dove) was reasonably cheap.  Do you guys think I should make more and sell them in my Etsy store?
Help, my feet were eaten by kudzu!
Shirt - Fashion Bug
Pants - White Stag


  1. I think that wee necklace would sell pretty well in your etsy store. I have some earrings that are similar and I love the shape of it.

  2. I love the fist picture of you and I'm stealing it for my Erin file (yes, there is an Erin file :o)!) The necklace is wonderful! Definatly make and sell!