Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cowgirl up

Ta-da!  It's my Dialogue shirtwaist dress, now in country style!  The belt is a old thrifted brown leather that cinches in tight around my actual waist and little brown shoes (the Born shoes I thrifted at the beach).
I'm still wearing leggings with it, just because of all the bending and squatting I do at work.  No flashing for me!  I got a few compliments on it, and I really like it, even though it is SO far from my normal style.
Is there anything you wear often that is completely opposite to the rest of your wardrobe?


  1. I have this one skirt - it's patchwork, mostly brown and white in the patterns, with pink thrown in there too.
    It doesn't reaaaally go with the rest of my black-based wardrobe. But I love that skirt...

  2. Oh my goodness woman! This does amazing things with your shape! Maybe it would feel less country if you got a fun colored belt to wear with it. Like red! Pow! Or yellow! Sunny!

    Because you should totally rock this again. It looks great styled with a cinched waist.