Sunday, July 11, 2010


Nice little taunt to start with isn't it?  Of course, you're not really interested in that, are you?  You want to know what I wore yesterday, right?
Erin, in happy food coma.  "What? Pose? Smile?"
Okay, okay.  So, I never really mention ANY locations on here.  Where I live, where I work, anything.  But my family went to Roanoke, VA yesterday (about an hour away from where I live) and ate.  AND IT WAS SOO GOOD.  I must tell you about it, with links in case you are ever in the area.  We went to The Isaacs Restaurant for dinner and Bubblecake Bake Shop for dessert and afterwards I was so full that it was delicious misery. 

The Isaacs is a Mediterranean place, and I had the sampler (which is all Greek food).  Beef samosas, spanikopita, and falafel bites.  Okay, falafel bites, yuck from me but a cheer from my dad.  I don't like chickpeas.  The samosas...I had never had them before and they almost made me swoon.  Beef seasoned with ginger and cilantro, in little puff-pastry pockets.  And they served it with a ginger-mango chutney that I never knew I could love like that on beef...SO GOOD.  And I thought I made a good spanikopita.  NO.  Mine is like something you would find in a SEWER compared to these delicious little triangles of buttery, savory, spinach and feta.  My eyes (figuratively) rolled back in my head!  Their tzatziki was the yummiest, smoothiest blend.  I gobbled mine up on some pita and a bite of lamb from my mama's gyro.  (Disclosure: I don't really care about other people's dinners while eating unless I get something really yucky.  My parents seemed to really enjoy theirs as well.  Maybe not as much as me, but I was getting a little super happy.)

Bubblecake is a cupcake shop.  And in my head,(while wanting to go to a cupcake shop for years, ever since they started getting popular!) I wasn't expecting much.  I WAS SO WRONG.  And also so happy.  My mom had a "Black and White babycake" (a mini-cupcake) that was a chocolate cupcake with white vanilla bean icing with a dab of hardened chocolate sauce over the tippy-top.  I had two regular size and paid for it with a food coma.  BUT IT WAS WORTH IT, OKAY?  Extreme Chocolate: the menu said "molten cake" but it was seriously more like a brownie, with huge chunks of chocolate, all topped off with a top of chocolate icing.  And special flavor of the day, Chocolate Raspberry: regular chocolate cupcake, with raspberry icing.  Seriously, the most deliciously delicate, yet determined flavor of raspberry in the icing ever.  With a super-cute flower of gum-paste on top of the icing!  They give you BIG cupcakes with TONS of icing.  Truly, one is enough, or maybe two babycakes.  Especially after a large meal.  BUT.  You never know until you try.

Jeans - Rider
Shirt - Lane Bryant
Cardigan - Lane Bryant
Jewelry - moi!

Did you see my earrings?  I rehabbed these after my mom found them thrifting!

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