Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fashion Baby

Yesterday was an important day.  And important days require important shoes!
Madden Girl shoes
Notice that pink button on the sides of the shoes?  As I flipped through my closet, thinking "All my clothes are black or have black in them, what do I have that'll go with brown shoes?", I saw the pink button again.  And then I saw my circus skirt!
EXACT COLOR MATCH!  And speaking of exact color match, see the army green stripe in the skirt?  I have t-shirt that matches it!  BUT.  Yesterday was a VERY IMPORTANT DAY.  Not really a t-shirt, dig dig dig through the closet...and TADA!  Pink sequined short sleeved cardigan!
 Silver ring, silver branch earrings, and my long pink bead silver locket necklace as jewelry finished it off.  My newly thrifted $2 shoes may need some more padding inside, but there's no doubt that they are as cute as their little pink button!

Shoes - Madden Girl
Skirt - Hanna Anderson
T-shirt - Faded Glory
Cardigan - Lane Bryant


  1. This is SUCH a fun outfit. Totally love it on you.

  2. Love this outfit and those shoes are perfect!

  3. Eeeeee you so PRETTY!
    Love the skirt and shoes together!!