Thursday, May 20, 2010

Two-fer and a haircut!

I know, why do I keep cutting my hair?!   Well, first of all my sister got this awesome super-short cut, and I'm jealous.  But my hair (texture and thickness) would look HORRIBLE like that.  Like a brown Q-tip, I believe my beloved sissy told me.  So my bob keeps getting shorter and shorter and my curls/waves keep getting crazier and crazier!!!  My personality is really starting to come out in my hair, I think.  So I got my mama to cut it a bit yesterday morning, maybe three inches.

And then I went crazy this morning myself, and started "trimming" a bit.  So I had to have Mama fix that up, taking maybe a half-inch more off.  It's chin-length now, but very....rambunctious.
Look at my dangly earrings!
We had an staff conference today, so I got to wear my pretty hippie skirt that's too long for work (I roll over the bottom with my chair when I try).  I got it at a hippie store and the clothing label is Jezebel.  How cool is that!  [Tiny mama took the pictures today, resulting in an odd pose as she asked "Did you want a whole body?" then tried to go out into the hallway so she was far enough away.  Usually she just crops off my feet, like yesterday.]

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  1. I love your hair shorter like this, and the hippie skirt is fun!