Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dress Your Best Week - Day 5

Day 5 - The Last Day!
Forget a specific part.  I wore this outfit because it makes me feel cute. 

I hardly ever wear this cardigan, even though it's Merona (one of my favorite brands, obviously!) because it has an odd front.  It dips down so far in front that it shows whatever I layer it over.  But I tried it on this morning, since the gray complemented my gray leggings and BOOM!  Instant cute.  I won't wear it long, because the day is going to get hot and we'll be checking in tons of books all day as kids pack up and leave school.  But, I think it's much cuter than a plain jacket!  And this dress?  The one from my avatar, another Faded Glory item just like the leggings.  The dress is short enough that I feel much more comfy wearing leggings.  I don't like to flash my panties at people in the library, thank you very much.  And those cute shoes...KNOCK-OFF CROCS.  Comfy feet make me sooooo happy!  How happy?  Happy enough for my teapot necklace and this pose with a great big smile!
I hope everyone has had fun with Dress Your Best Week.  I have, even though I slipped up a day (or two).


  1. this outfit is great! i'm curious to see what the dress looks like without the cardi.
    also, where was this picture taken? it looks like a really pretty place. :)

  2. It was taken in MY library (aka where I work). They demolished a wall to reveal these stairs. You can see the top of the dress in my little avatar here.

  3. Ooh, i want this outfit! So cute! I just bought a hot-pink cardigan and it would be so cute with the leggings and tunic! Of course right now it's going to be 800,000 degrees around here. Maybe in the fall to go along with my Big Baby Belly.