Monday, May 10, 2010

Dress Your Best - Day 1

 Day 1: Eyes! And Hair! And lots of pictures!!

To accentuate my eyes, I almost always go for the deep dark smoky look.  I lined the bottom with Rimmel eyeliner, used Maybelline mascara, and cheap eyeshadow from the dollar store (I don't remember the brand). 

My eyes generally appear blue to blue-gray, and my lashes are a decent length, but on the lighter side, so dark mascara really makes them pop. 

Wearing my hair down is also a concession to my mother, who loves it down and fluffy.  It's so thick (even after my sister thinned it out with layers) that it can get really BIG if I don't watch out, and it's also prone to frizz, so I have to use some product. 

As you guys know, I am lazy to the nth degree when it comes to my hair.  Five minutes would mean a super-fancy hairstyle for me! 
See my silver hairs! So cute!
 I wore my blousy black George top, and some jeans, going plain with the outfit for today's theme of eyes and hair.

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