Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dress Your Best Week- Day 3

Day 3 - Uh....
Guess who forgot to highlight a certain body part today?  If you guessed me, you would be so very, very right!  I dreamt about bread all night last night, woke up tired and threw together an outfit based on the weather and not having to shave my legs.  I give you two pictures, one blurry on top and one on bottom (my daddy took special pictures tonight).  Then, I'll b.s. some highlights for you.

Sooooo.....(and I'm just grabbing at straws here)
This t-shirt makes my chest look nice...
And I like my hair, even though it got pretty fluffy during the day.
By the way, was I on crack when I decided on of my five body parts to highlight would be my feet?  I suppose they're nice enough, but they're fairly wide.  Maybe I meant I liked my shoes?  But I don't even like most of my shoes!  But I do like today's.
And my eyes look pretty and friendly (stop laughing hysterically, o sister of mine) in this picture.
Well, that b.s. session covered 4 of the 5 body parts!  My English degree served me well, I can make up stuff with the best of them!  I'm going to try to plan an outfit for tomorrow, though.  This after the fact style creating is hard at the end of the day.

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