Sunday, April 25, 2010

Boho Sunday

I'm wearing that simple bronze chain again.  Maybe I'll put a pedant on it this week, maybe not.
You can see our dog behind me.  She's a little...special.  Afraid of the dark, slooowww, afraid to use a doghouse, you get the idea.  She was a lab dog from my university, though, so we can't really fault her.
Here's a close-up of my skirt:
And my sandals, finally come out of the closet for the approaching spring/summer:
My mom and my sister share credit for photographing me today, leading to a good face pic.
Sepia tone makes everything pretty!

Overshirt - Riders
Camisole -Casual Corner Woman and Co.
Skirt - Bila Woman
Sandals - Faded Glory


  1. I like your eye make-up today. It's pretty!

  2. Thanks, sometimes I like to go a little smokier than usual!

  3. the whole outfit is pretty cute. it looks really comfy. :)