Sunday, February 24, 2013

Webseries to rock your world

Okay, so you're already in the know. You watch The Guild, My Drunk Kitchen, The Flog and all the other major web series. Here are some shows that I've recently become a HUGE fan of:

The Lizzie Bennett Diaries: Pride and Prejudice in a vlog format. I'm late to this one, because I'm an ultra P&P fan who's touchy about what people do with the book. But this is fantastic. Plus, they made Kitty Bennett into an actual cat and Anne de Bourgh into a lap dog!

My Gimpy Life: A LA actress in a wheelchair who shows us her life, dating issues and casting call disasters included. BONUS: Felicia Day shows up as an agoraphobic friend.

Husbands: Gay marriage is finally made legal (everywhere), and a couple gets drunk married in Vegas. The problem is they're famous and everyone is pressuring them to stay married for the cause. One guy is an actor, one's a baseball player. It starts ridiculous and ends up sweet.

SoulPancake is Rainn Wilson's channel, and it has a great unconnected series called The Flipside. It's little narrative episodes about big questions like "Who are you really?" and "Why pray?"

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