Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Taxi-cab purses and Punch Brothers

I couldn't help it. I had to buy it in yellow, too.
My purse addiction shows no signs of stopping. I really like this Top Notch purse, which is my Barbie pink purse. It's a great style, so when I saw the bright yellow (in person, a taxi-cab yellow), I really wanted it. BOOM. It somehow made it's way to my house. Look how cheerful it is! How can I be depressed on a grey day when I can look at this brightness and cuteness? And the Barbie purse is wearing great (as in, not wearing at all), so this is definitely worth the $40. (Pro Tip: the Boston Common's handle is flaking, so I'll have to do something about that one in a while.)

Tonight, I'm going to a Punch Brothers concert with my dad. We both really enjoy Americana/progressive bluegrass type music. I'm not a enormous fan of the band, like I am of Gillian Welch, but they're playing at the college I work at, so the tickets are cheap. I loved Chris Thile in Nickel Creek (why did you have to split up into solo careers??), so I figure I should give Punch Brothers a decent try.

Top, Shoes, and Cords - Simply Be, Tank - Hanes,  Necklace - Forever 21
This is a gorgeous shirt with a problematic neckline. HOW MUCH SPACE am I supposed to have between my shoulders and my actual boobs? Because it's not this much. I'm petite, but I have an average to long torso, and this is ridiculous. Honestly, manufacturers. I love cleavage, but not in all my shirts and bras. And as I just realized, I want to keep my cleavage to v-neck shirts, not bizarrely low scoopnecks. I do love the color of this shirt and it's deliberately rumpled pockets, though. 

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  1. Your bag is like a blast of sunshine! I really like how you combined it with the pink and blue.
    I love a good rumpled pocket - but totally agree with you on the strangely cut necklines. Way too many of the shirts I own require a camisole, which is absurd. Clothing makers need to start thinking about how their clothes will fit a variety of shapes and sizes, instead of just hanging it on a beanpole model.