Friday, February 1, 2013

French braids cause big hurr

While it's fun to have my hair as big as this (right after I took out my french braid from yesterday, which I slept in all night), it's just not a "work look". Big hurrr like that is for the weekends, but since I don't take that many weekend pics, I thought you guys should be amused as well. Up in a bun keeps it all contained.

Outfit - Simply Be, Clogs - Earth Shoes.
 So my Cosmo came today, and on the front Miley Cyrus is promising me that she's "never faked anything" underneath a giant caption that says "It's Miley, B*tches..." (asterisk theirs). I'm sorry, but Miley Cyrus is just not hardcore, Cosmo, and a bleeped curse word isn't going to convince me otherwise. Am I the only one who reads Cosmo primarily for people's embarrassing confessions? I like the cheap beauty tips too, but I get a vicious thrill out of all those stories of dumb stuff people get caught doing.

Did you know that also, according to Cosmo, the "3 words you must never say to a guy" are I look fat? But Cosmo, I AM fat. And I look it. And that's not a big deal, or a bad thing, or equal to killing a puppy or even as bad as going out without makeup. I'm fat. And Miley Cyrus is skinny. And unless she's really hiding something, a bit dumb too, but that's not the issue. Size doesn't equal beauty, or even personality. All size equals is size. So stop trying to make me hate myself! Just show me ads for some fat girl clothes, and I'll snap those babies right up. I buy more new clothes than I should, because I can't find any non-maternity plus size clothes at my local thrift stores. So let my fat wallet loose, and we'll all be happy.

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  1. COSMO WHAT ARE YOU DOING. Well, actually, they're doing what they're always doing--making us feel insecure about our bodies and then implying that we're shallow and undesirable if we voice those insecurities. Haha, silly ladies, you never know what you want, do you? Ugh, barf. Also, you look AWESOME in the blue+green. I am alllll about this color combination in its jewel-toney awesomeness, so thumbs up!