Monday, May 21, 2012

Allergies make me forgetful

So, apparently the pollen count has been around 4 quadrillion (or however you count pollen). I have allergies, and they make me sneeze ALL DAY LONG. I haven't been taking allergy pills, because the last freaking thing I need is another pill, but even without them, I appear to have become more addled and forgetful. Short way around, I loaded Friday's photo, but forgot to put it up.

Yay, I'm Friday!
As you might notice, if you have good eyes, I'm wearing the same shoes and necklace. The shoes are really comfy (Dexflex flats from Dexter) and the necklace is one I made that actually hits right below my clavicles, so it will show even if I wear a higher cut shirt, without being so high that it's a choker. (That was a ridiculously long sentence to point out that the necklace fits well.)

I've also been doing so poorly at Story a Day; I've only done 13 of the last 20 days, or 65%. I know that doesn't sound horrible, but I wrote a story every day the first seven days of May, then four in the next seven days, and only one in the previous seven days (15th-today). Bleah. I need to write today.

And sleepy. They also make me sleepy.


  1. I had allergy brain a few weeks ago, so I sympathize! :) I'm loving the blue outfit - yay colored pants!

  2. I've been neglecting my writing as well; I keep telling myself I've been busy and I'll get to it when things settle down, but I bet I could make the time nevertheless. Ahh, I just gotta turn off the internet once in a while or something. Anyway, we can do it! I believe in us.

  3. I have allergy brain too!!I play music and can't focus on it at all!!I study music theory and forget what I'm reading in like a minute and normally I remember every detail. .uuuugh!