Friday, May 11, 2012

Old young pictures

Top - JMS, Pants - Denim 24/7, Necklace - upcycled by me, Shoes - Dexter.

Chelsea is wearing a sweater dress that is practically a twin for this top. Except, you know, dress length since she's not a ho. A big thing on Pinterest boards (or at least ones I follow) are pictures of celebs/famous people (writers, geniuses, singers, etc) when they were much younger. And some of them are a little ultra awesome. And it's probably not my Anglophilia cropping up that has led to most of them being British. That's just what happens when you're British and awesome.

Vivien Leigh (age 9)


  1. I love the Ian McKellen photo - he is just so damned cool in it.

  2. Man, Helen Mirren at any age makes me Feel Feelings. (P.S. I like your red shoes--hopefully they don't make you dance until your feet are bloody, or whatever that fairy tale is. I'm too lazy to look it up.)

  3. David Bowie is my drug of choice, but they were/are all so PRETTY! And Mia, the fairy tale is actually just called "The Red Shoes", so it was confusing in it's simplicity!

  4. Ah. David Bowie. Gorgeous! :)