Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tiny style and big compliments

My niece is a little fashionista. Her favorite shoes are these sparkle heels with bows. And she has the OOTD pose down! She picks out her clothes based on whether she thinks they're cute. And sometimes, she thinks that wearing her brother's hand-me-down underwear along with three or four layers of shirts and leggings/skirts/pants is cute. She's got her own taste, like she should. But that little face makes the most bizarre outfits adorable, and I want her to know that she is always beautiful to me. So no matter what she wears, I make sure to tell her that she's pretty and smart and strong every day I see her. Because every little girl needs to have kick-ass self-confidence. And if her Auntie believes in her, I think she'll keep believing in herself.

Brought to you by a loving Auntie, who is pretty sure that her niece is cuter than your munchkins. But don't worry, I feel bad for you about that fact. And I would never tell them that. Out loud.


  1. You two look so cute together in the first photo! And look at her striking a pose in the second. :) Just adorable. :)

  2. Your niece is adorable! I can see the family resemblance too--she's definitely got your smile!

  3. MUNCHKIN. I wish there were more tiny fashionistas in my life, so I enjoy when you share pictures with your niece.