Tuesday, January 10, 2012

3 apples high and poorly conformed

Look! Non-shiny today!

I am such a munchkin!  Much like Tia, I am only 3 apples high. Unlike Tia, who appears to have nice normal length legs and arms, I am...oddly conformed. After my dad called me a dwarf one too many times, I seriously tried to explain to him that I wasn't a dwarf, I just had short legs and short arms (and a large head, which is totally his fault), but my torso was totally a normal length. My dad looked at me and said "Darling, that IS a dwarf!" (Technically Achondroplasia dwarfism) And he was totally right. I'm a 5 foot 4 inch dwarf. Sort of. In a non-offensive way.

Simply Be has their Spring/Summer line up online, and I'm full of fierce clothing desire. It's all marked up, so really I should be hitting the sale area for winter bargains. But, you know, spring in England isn't really that warm, so there are plenty of cardigans and such in the line! Too tempting!

Cardigan - Simply Be (sold out), Shirt - Avenue (sold out), Cords - Simply Be, Shoes - Simply Be, Jewelry - present.


  1. Oh geesh. On my normal length arms: my mom used to tease me for having chimpanzee arms, because my arms grew faster than my torso so coupled with my big hands, my finger tips came down halfway to my knee it seemed. XD Body proportions: they are aaaaall over the place.

    Also, that cardigan! It's so long and flowy. :3

  2. It's my favorite cardi! I have it in black and khaki, and I'm super sad that it's no longer on the website.