Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday is my least favorite of all days

Sunday is never, never long enough. All day I will be tired and horribly surprised that I have a whole week ahead of me. (Except not really because I get Lee-Jackson Day off. Yay, Civil War generals!?) Also, my face has gotten so dry that I have patches on my cheeks that I had to exfoliate with a sister-homemade Buffy bar (except replace shea butter with lard + ground rice. seriously.) And the patches are only just starting to go away after a few days, even with using Vitamin E oil on my face every day as well. I have very sensitive, very dry skin, and winter really does a number on it. I think I'll have to start taking Vitamin E capsules again. I'm still shiny, but I'm not wearing makeup until these patches go away.

Cardigan - thrifted, Short-sleeved sweater - Target, Pants - Lands End, Shoes - Earth Spirit, Jewelry - Handmade.

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