Monday, January 30, 2012

Sorry, but you need a better dress.

Jessie (Vanderbilt Wife) suggested on Twitter that I talk about the SAG Awards plus size dresses. She thought there were some good dresses. I must confess that I didn't watch the awards. I trolled the internet this morning, looking at dresses. And...I'm once again depressed by plus size "high fashion". Or at least what some ladies chose to wear. First the great, with my Glee girl Amber Heard.

Adorable AND va-va-voom.
Then the close, but not quite with Octavia Spencer. Her coloring is so beautiful that she could wear any color, and she goes for silver and that overly large skirt? You WON the SAG award! You can do better than decent.

Close. but no.
And then we hit the no. A lot of people thought this was lovely, and maybe in comparison to what she's worn to past award shows it is.

No. This could be so much better and non-blah.
 BUT. Melissa McCarthy is justifiably famous for Bridesmaids. Are you telling me there is not a single designer that wants to be the one to put her on the OMG best-dressed list? Someone put her in this for a TV headshot for her show Mike and Molly. Can that same person come back and dress her?

So pretty!
Is she looking for options? Are you a plus-size woman looking for fancy dress options? BUY THESE INSTEAD. Or get these designers to make you something and name drop their lines all over the place, Melissa! YOU ARE FAMOUS NOW, SO DRESS LIKE THE GORGEOUS WOMAN YOU ARE. And Octavia, wear some freaking color. First of all, you both (and most plus-size women) have great racks. Show them off! Breasts make everyone happy! Wear an empire a-line, like these first two, or go full sexy and wear the super-sparkly body con third dress. IGIGI is sizes 12-32 and Monif C is sizes 14-24.

IGIGI Samira Cocktail Dress

IGIGI Leigh Lace Dress

Monif C Samantha Party Dress
Jovani also has a bucket load of beautiful dresses, ALL available from sizes 0-32. Long to short, they have hundreds of dresses (literally, hundreds of evening dresses) that celebs could pick from. Just drop their name! The moral of this post is: Being plus-size doesn't mean you have to wear a sack and be happy with it. There are more and more upscale plus-size lines every year. Find them. Wear the hell out them, and be proud of your fantastic curves!


  1. Great post! I need to catch up on all the SAG fashions, but I loved your take on the plus-sized ladies.

  2. Oh man, that bodycon dress is great, and would look great on any of those ladies. Melissa McCarthy especially looks...kind of funereal.

  3. Yes, I thought Amber looked AMAZING! I didn't watch the SAGs either but looked at the dresses. I thought Viola Davis, who is plus-sized by Hollywood standards at least, looked awesome. And the pic I saw only showed the top of Melissa McCarthy's dress, maybe that was it. I liked the cut of it and the sparkles, but you're right, she could go with something way more flattering.