Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wrap myself up in furs

No, of course it's not real fur.  I have no real moral dilemna to wearing fur (that comes from an animal not on the brink of extinction, of course).  But I don't have anywhere near the money for that!  This cape was $30 at the local TJ Maxx.  That's my kind of fake fur.  It really feels more like super-plush velor, actually.  The ultimate in comfort. 

Yesterday was a black and white day.  White shirt, black skirt and leggings, black and white arm warmers. A study in contrasts like this totally deserves a fudge sundae with lunch...guess what I had?  (Guess whose jumpy eyebrows made a return for this post as well?!)   In other news I have 3 Christmas presents bought so far and 1 idea for another.  This is BIG for a procrastinator.  Do any of you usually leave it to the week before?

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